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What's the fuss about climate change?

Human induced climate change is defined by many as the greatest global risk that potentially threatens our economic, social and environmental security. Australia is recognised as a hotspot for climate change risk and faces warmer summers; warmer winters; increased extreme weather events; water scarcity; loss of marine biodiversity (especially on the Great Barrier Reef); sea level rises; increased disease outbreaks (including Dengue Virus); and increased travel cost increases affecting longer-haul markets.

To understand exactly what Climate Change means for your business check out the following pages:

  • Visitor Expectations - recent trends in visitor expectations of tourism businesses
  • Sustainability...What's In It For Me? - the benefits of climate change and how your business (not just the environment) will benefit from being more sustainable
  • Weather Proof Your Business
  • The Facts - Information Library and Case Studies

  • To find out more about the impacts of climate change, check out the links below or visit the Sustainable Tourism CRC Sustainability Portal – Sustainable Tourism Online

    Useful Resources:

  • National Geographic Video- a short video explaining climate change
  • Sustainability & Climate Change Factsheets

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