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Promoting Your Tourism Business

Marketing and Research - know your markets

To succeed in a competitive environment, it is important to tailor your business to the wants and needs of your customer. It is important to be sensitive to customers, know whom they are, how to reach them and convince them to buy your product or service.

Packaging (and commission structure)

Visitors are seeking experiences more so than specific products and services when they visit destinations. This requires the seamless provision of a coordinated range of products and services that collectively offer particular experiences desired by visitors.


Distribution is making sure that your product or service information reaches the visitor.


The Internet has become one of the most significant communication tools for businesses and individuals all over the world. Tourism industry suppliers and operators need to be increasingly flexible and responsible to changing consumer needs, trends and preferences.

Trade Distribution

Wholesalers are the vital link between the originating manufacturers and businesses at the point of sale. They offer goods in large quantities at a trade price to those who are seeking to resell the products for retail purposes rather than personal use.

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