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Tourism Assistance Database

What is it?

The Tourism Assistance Database (TAD) provides information on available funding programs and sources of information and advice on tourism. The Tourism Assistance Database provides:

  • information on relevant funding programs and grants for the tourism industry
  • advice, hints and tips on submitting a funding application.

The Tourism Assistance Database (TAD) is updated quarterly and was last updated on  the 30th of June 2012.

Click below to view how to use the Tourism Assistance Database.

Video - Your Business Success Part 11 - Using Tourism Assistance Database Your Business Success Part 11 - Using Tourism Assistance Database  


Who is it for?

A broad range of stakeholders - including prospective, new and existing tourism operators, community and not-for-profit organisations, individuals and others. 

The Grants Guide – how to apply for grants

Developed by Tourism Queensland, now Tourism and Events Queensland - The Grants Guide takes you through the four key steps to accessing grants, including finding the right grant for your project.

Plus there’s loads of tips and pointers on the art of writing grant applications.

For more information check out The Grants Guide (2011).

The Grants Guide icon

Types of Funding

Funding can be sourced from a variety of different avenues such as:

  • Banks
  • Building societies
  • Credit unions
  • Finance companies
  • Australian, state or local government agencies
It can take many forms, including:
  • Loans for businesses, community organisations, employers, registered training organisations or individuals
  • Overdrafts
  • Grants (which are usually one off funding provided by an organisation or agency)
  • Programs (which are usually an ongoing source of funding provided)
  • Partnerships

Depending on where the funding is coming from, it can be accessed by a range of organisations or individuals, for example:

  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Community organisations
  • Local government authority
  • Registered businesses (GST applicable)
  • Individuals

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