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Commemorating Eminent Australians

Closing Date
13 August 2010

- New or Existing Tourism Operator
- Community or not-for-profit organisation
- Local Government Authority
- Other

Last Updated
27 March 2013
The Commemorating Eminent Australians Program supports the Australian Government’s commitment to protecting and enhancing Australia’s culture and heritage. It gives recognition to the memory of Australians who have made significant contributions to the world. It assists in the conservation of their graves and memorials.
For 2012-13, this program has been rolled into the ''Your Community Heritage'' Program to streamline the delivery of heritage funding. This program which is incorporated within the Protecting National Historic Sites Program will be revert to its previous administrative arrangement in 2013-14.
General Eligibility
Eligible applicants include:
  • Australian citizens.
  • Non-for-profit organisations that are legally incorporated in Australia.
  • An Australian local government authority.

Eligible activities include:

  • The memorial is that of an Australian who has made a significant contribution to Australia and the world and which are not eligible for DVA grants for war related graves or memorials.
  • The memorial is pre-existing.
  • The memorial will contribute to the conservation and protection of the existing grave or memorial as defined in the Burra Charter, with Commonwealth funding only being used for the preservation, restoration and interpretation of the grave or memorial.
  • The applicant has committed or arranged for other contributions to the activity, including cash and in-kind contributions.
  • Capacity for ongoing maintenance of the memorial had been demonstrated.
  • If applicable, the applicant must provide evidence that the next of kin has been consulted and given their agreement or demonstrate that best efforts have been made to contact a next of kin.
  • Show awareness or consideration of the laws and customs of the place in which graves and memorials are located and any potential impact.
Main Assessment Criteria 
The main assessment criteria include:
  • All 7 of the eligibility criteria must be met in order for a project to be considered.
  • Assessments will be reviewed by a panel which will include up to two external representatives who are independent or who have expertise in Heritage assessment.
  • Each project proposal will be assessed on its merits and suitability for the Program, as well as being compared to other project proposals submitted in the same funding round. 
Closing Date
The 2011-12 funding round is now closed. Please contact the administrator for more information.
Assistance Provided
Generally funding grants will be up to $10,000 however applications for funding greater than $10,000 will be considered if they show a significant level of contribution from other sources (cash and/or in-kind) to the activity.
Contact Details
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
Phone: 1800 653 004

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