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Archived Schemes

  1. 2013 Events Flood Assistance Program
  2. 2013 Events Flood Assistance Program
  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Fund
  4. Adobe Software Donation Program
  5. Adult Community Education - Vocational Education and Training Program
  6. AIATSIS Research Grants
  7. Alternative Fuels Conversion Program
  8. American Express Philanthropic Program
  9. ANZ Staff Foundation Grants
  10. Apprentice Start Up Assistance - Equipment Subsidy
  11. Apprenticeship / Traineeship Allowances
  12. Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training (User Choice)
  13. art+place Queensland Public Art Fund
  14. Arts Professional Development Program
  15. Arts Queensland Project Grants Program
  16. Arts Queensland Sector Project Grants Program
  17. ATSIC Business Development Program
  18. Australia China Council General Funding Grants
  19. Australian Envirofund
  20. Australian Flexible Learning Framework
  21. Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme
  22. Australian Technology Showcase
  23. Boating Infrastructure Capital and Maintenance Program
  24. Breakwater Island Casino Community Benefit Fund
  25. Business and Audience Development Program
  26. Business and Industry Transformation Incentives (BITI)
  27. Business Clusters Program
  28. Business Entrepreneurship in Small Business
  29. Business Ready Program for Indigenous Tourism
  30. Business Water Efficiency Program [BWEP]
  31. Caring For Our Country
  32. Category C Assistance Grants
  33. City of Brisbane Environmental Grants
  34. Cleaner Production Partnerships
  35. Climate Change Adjustment Program
  36. Club Development Program
  37. COMET (Commercialising Emerging Technologies)
  38. Commemorating Eminent Australians
  39. Commercial Ready
  40. Community Awareness Grants 2008
  41. Community Benefit Funds
  42. Community Cultural Development Grants Program
  43. Community Education Public Grants Scheme
  44. Community Employment Assistance Program
  45. Community Festivals for Education Engagement
  46. Community Jobs Plan - Employment Assistance
  47. Community Literacy Program
  48. Community Partnerships Program
  49. Community Training Partnerships
  50. Community Water Grants
  51. Connected Seniors Grant Program
  52. Corporate Leaders for Indigenous Employment Project
  53. Council for Australian – Arab Relations (CAAR) Grants Program
  54. Council for Australian - Arab Relations Grants Program
  55. Creative Partnerships Program
  56. Critical Skills Investment Fund (CSIF)
  57. Cultural Heritage Grants Program
  58. Cultural Infrastructure Program
  59. Culture Arts Tourism and Community Heritage (CATCH) Grants Program
  60. Dairy Regional Assistance Program (Dairy RAP)
  61. Digital Hubs Program
  62. Digital Local Government Program
  63. Dreamworld Sponsorship
  64. Easy Grants Newsletter
  65. E-Commerce Demonstration Grants
  66. Economic Development Fund - Economic Diversification Fund
  67. Economic Development Fund - Tourism Development Fund
  68. Education for Sustainability Grants Program
  69. Emergency Assistance Scheme - Small Business
  70. Emergency Management Australia Research & Innovation Program
  71. Energy Efficiency Program
  72. Entrepreneurs Tax Offset (ETO)
  73. Eureka Prize (Innovative Solutions to Climate Change)
  74. Eureka Prize (Leadership in Business Innovation)
  75. Eureka Prizes
  76. Events Queensland Business Events Funding
  77. Exceptional Circumstances (EC) Relief Payment for Small Business
  78. Experience+ Training Grants
  79. Festivals Australia
  80. Festivals Australia Regional Residencies
  81. Financial Literacy Grants
  82. First Start Program
  83. Freight Subsidies – Primary Producers
  84. Fuel Tax Credits
  85. Fuel Tax Credits (no GST)
  86. Grants to Voluntary Environment and Heritage Organisations
  87. GrantsLINK
  88. Green Building Fund
  89. Green Corps
  90. Growing Tourism Investment Grants (GTIG) Program
  91. Holden Community Support Program
  92. Home and Garden Water Wise Rebate Scheme
  93. HotelClub Sponsorship Program
  94. Indigenous Business Capacity Building Program
  95. Indigenous Business Establishment Program
  96. Indigenous Capital Assistance Scheme (ICAS)
  97. Indigenous Culture Support Program
  98. Indigenous Heritage Program
  99. Indigenous Small Business Fund (ISBF)
  100. Indigenous Small Grants
  101. Industry Cooperative Innovation Program (ICIP)
  102. Information Technology On Line (ITOL) Program
  103. Innovation Access Program - Industry
  104. Innovative Regions Centre
  105. International Marketing Scheme
  106. International Markets Scheme
  107. Invest Australia
  108. Jobs Fund
  109. Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund
  110. Leadership and Management Program (LAMP)
  111. LearnScope
  112. Living Buildings and Places - Queensland's Heritage Grant Program
  113. Living in Harmony
  114. Local Governing Bodies Capital Works Program
  115. Local Government Development Program 2005
  116. Low Carbon Diet Community Funding Program
  117. Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS)
  118. Mature Workers Wage Subsidy
  119. Minister's Awards for Excellence in Workforce Development
  120. Minor Tourism Infrastructure Grants (MTIG) Scheme
  121. Multicultural Assistance Program
  122. Multicultural Communities Arts Program
  123. Multicultural Queensland Partnerships Program
  124. Museum & Gallery Services Queensland Special Project Fund
  125. Museums Australia Queensland Bursaries
  126. National Heritage Investment Initiative
  127. National Landcare Program Community Support
  128. National Secondary School Computer Fund
  129. National Youth Week Grants
  130. Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)
  131. Natural Heritage Trust (NHT)
  132. Natural Resources Awareness Grant
  133. Networking the Nation
  134. New Exporter Development Program
  135. New Item
  136. Norman Wettenhall Foundation
  137. NQ Dry Tropics Grants
  138. Office Equipment Subsidies Program
  139. Our Place Our Future: resourcing rural capacity
  140. Ozeculture: Making IT Work Grant Program
  141. Photovoltaic Rebate Programme (PVRP)
  142. Playing Australia
  143. Productivity Places Program
  144. Project AWARE Foundation Grants Program
  145. Promoting Australian Produce
  146. Q150 Community Funding Program
  147. Queensland Community Cultural Heritage Incentive Program
  148. Queensland Events Regional Development Program
  149. Queensland Industry Development Scheme (QIDS)
  150. Queensland Investment Incentives Scheme (QIIS)
  151. Queensland Nature-based Tourism Opportunities
  152. Queensland Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund (QSEIF)
  153. Queensland Week Sponsorship Program
  154. R&D (Research & Development) Tax Concession
  155. Recreational Fisheries Grants Program
  156. Recreational Fishing Community Grants Programme
  157. Regional Airport Development Scheme (RADS)
  158. Regional Arts Fund – Regional Quick Response Grant
  159. Regional Assistance Program (RAP)
  160. Regional Business Development Scheme (RBDS)
  161. Regional Centres Program
  162. Regional Collaboration and Capacity Building Program
  163. Regional Development Australia Fund - Round 5B
  164. Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF)
  165. Regional Event Sponsorship
  166. Regional Food Producers Innovation and Productivity Program
  167. Regional Galleries Association of Queensland Bursaries
  168. Regional Innovation & Technology Adoption Program
  169. Regional Online Tourism Program
  170. Regional Partnerships Program
  171. Regional Solutions Programme
  172. Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) Contestable Grant Scheme
  173. Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) Contestable Grant Scheme
  174. Regional Tourism Program (RTP)
  175. Renewable Energy Water Pumping (REWP)
  176. Renewable Remote Power Generation Program
  177. Research & Development Start
  178. Residential and Medium-scale (RM) Renewable Energy Systems
  179. Resource Management Loans
  180. Re-Tooling for Climate Change
  181. Road Safety Activities Fund
  182. Roads To Recovery
  183. Rolex Awards for Enterprise
  184. Rural Education Program
  185. Rural Living Infrastructure Program
  186. Rural Living Infrastructure Program (RLIP)
  187. Rural Resilience Package – Industry Grants
  188. Screen Queensland
  189. Seeds of Renewal Program
  190. Skill Centre Grants
  191. Skilling Queenslanders for Work – First Start Program
  192. Skilling Queenslanders for Work – Get Set for Work Program
  193. Small Business Accelerator Program
  194. Small Business Answers Program
  195. Small Business Online
  196. Small Grants for Small Rural Communities Program
  197. Smaller Communities Assistance Program
  198. Smart Energy Savings Fund (SESF)
  199. Smart Energy Savings Program (SESP)
  200. Solar Credits Scheme
  201. South East Queensland Forests Agreement Tourism Initiative (SEQFATI)
  202. Strategic Employment Development Program
  203. Structured Training and Employment Projects (STEP)
  204. Supported Wages System
  205. Sustainable Industries' Cluster
  206. Sustainable Regions Programme
  207. Sydney Leadership
  208. Technology Survival Skills
  209. Telstra Business Awards
  210. Telstra Business Women's Awards
  211. Textbook and Resource Allowance
  212. Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Strategic Capability Program (SCP)
  213. The George Alexander Foundation
  214. The Lindbergh Foundation Grants
  215. The Myer Foundation Grants
  216. The Professional Development Fund
  217. The Queensland Arts Council & Heritage Building Society Arts Partnership Fund
  218. Tidy Towns Awards
  219. Tourism Projects Pre-Feasibility Grants Program
  220. TQUAL Grants
  221. Training in Communities Program
  222. Unlocking Australia's Potential Grants Program
  223. VET Infrastructure for Indigenous People (VIIP)
  224. Visions of Australia
  225. Vodafone Foundation's App Aid 2013
  226. Volunteer Grants
  227. Volunteer Small Equipment Grant
  228. Wage Assistance
  229. Water Smart Australia Programme
  230. Westpac Operation Backyard
  231. Women in Business Coaching Scheme
  232. Working on Country Programme
  233. Yellow Pages Business Ideas Grants
  234. Youth Training Incentives
  235. Youth Training Incentives: Public Sector

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