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Current Reports

Domestic visitors to Queensland and regions
A review of domestic visitors to Queensland and its regions; including the number of visitors, reasons for travel, and their expenditure. This information is supplemented by interpretation and comparisons to other tourism trends within Australia and the State.

Domestic Tourism Snapshot Year ended December 2013

Domestic Tourism Snapshot Year ended September 2013

Commercial Accommodation
An overview of the commercial accommodation sector on an Australian, Queensland and regional level, including; occupancy rates, takings, and average room rates.

Tourist Accommodation Data Sheet Year ended June 2013

Tourist Accommodation Data Sheet Year ended March 2013

Queensland residents have their say on tourism
When tourism development is in line with the aspirations of the local community it provides for a more authentic tourist experience and also attracts stronger community support. A survey was conducted with Queensland residents to determine their perceptions of tourism's positive and negative impacts.

Fact sheet - Queensland Social Indicators 2013

For more information on how tourism can provide social benefits for the community, click here.

Understanding Queensland's Touring Market
In the eleven years from 2000 to 2010 Queensland attracted 14 million tourers (domestic and international). Over the period tourers spent $22 billion in the State and in 2010 directly accounted for approximately 15,400 Queensland jobs. This research also explores the profile of the touring market, where they stay and which tourism regions they visit.

Understanding Queensland’s Domestic Touring Market  

Understanding Queensland’s International Touring Market  

Understanding Queensland’s Touring Market - Regional data

Operator uptake of environmental adaption initiatives
In 2010 benchmark research was conducted with tourism operators to help measure and manage the impact of tourism on the environment.  Includes details of tourism operator uptake of energy, water and waste management initiatives.

Tourism Operators Environmental Benchmark 2010

For more information on sustainability and climate change, click here.

Queensland Tourism Industry Carbon Footprint
The Queensland Tourism Industry Carbon Footprint represents the net production of greenhouse gas by the whole tourism industry.  This inaugural research also compared the tourism sector with other Queensland industries.

Fact sheet - Queensland Tourism Industry Carbon Footprint

Results of TEQ's Inaugural Environmental Indicators Research
Being more environmentally sustainable leads to increased profitability through better management of resources, reduced consumption and having environmental credentials.  Knowing this TEQ developed a suite of environmental indicators to measure and manage the impact of tourism on the environment.

Fact sheet - Queensland Environmental Indicators 2010

For more information on measuring environmental impact, click here.

Archive Reports

Please note that previously released publications will not always be directly comparable to the current report available.  Over time, data providers may make slight changes to the historical data used in TEQ's research publications.

Product distribution channels for the Queensland tourism industry December 2007

This research was part of a joint project between Tourism Research Australia and Tourism Queensland, it provides both broad and detailed information about consumers and operators' usage of, and attitudes towards, tourism product distribution channels. Summaries specific on the following tourism industry sectors are also available - Attractions , Accommodation , Transport and Tours .

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