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Where to digitally detox in Queensland

No internet? What a travesty! Or is it? What if, by design or default, there existed a place on the planet where you couldn’t be contacted for a few days? Would your world really end or is it entirely possible you might enjoy this enforced break? Toss off the technology shackles and head to Queensland where we can suggest a few places where you’ll be…ahem…unco More >

Best regional museums

For one of the best insights into what makes Queensland tick, head to a regional museum. Scattered around the state are scores of fascinating buildings, some of which are museums in themselves, packed chocker block full of facts, figures and fables surrounding Queensland’s colourful history. From Cooktown to Coolangatta and west to Winton, Longreach and beyond, there’s something to appease the most ardent history buff. More >

Best beach houses in Queensland

It stands to reason. We’ve got plenty of beautiful beaches, so we need plenty of seaside shacks from which to enjoy Queensland’s long and languid coastline. Whether you are searching for an old fibro beach shack reminiscent of your childhood, or a more modern mansion, there’s something for everyone here. But the simple fact remains, there’s no escaping some sand in your sheets. More >

Voluntouring on your gap year

Drop year, gap year, or defer year - whatever you want to call it, the global trend to take a 12 month sabbatical after 12 years of formal schooling is on the rise and Queensland with its raft of instagrammable experiences is high on any burnt out graduate’s bucket list. More >

Beaut beaches

With a coastline that stretches more than 7000 kilometres long, from the bottom of Coolangatta to the top of Cape York, you can be rest assured we’ve got plenty of nice beaches here in Queensland. The only problem, is trying to pick out the best from such a dazzling display. Updated November 2013. More >

Halal restaurants in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

When people think of Queensland they think of sun, surf, reef, beach, outback and rainforest. But another interesting element, something that really makes us sing, is our culture. And on a deeper level, our multi-culturalism. We are many people, from many nations. Say hello to Halal Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Updated November 2013. More >

Ultimate luxury

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the L in Queensland stands for luxury. And that’s because we offer so many exclusive experiences, whether it’s flying over our heart-shaped reef, dining on Australian cuisine prepared by world-class chefs or seeking special seclusion but with all the trimmings. Oh yes, you’ll love our luxe. Updated November 2013. More >

Chew with a view

Here in Queensland we sometimes think our state is so scrumptious you could almost eat it. The second best option is dining at some of our eateries, whether it’s in our World Heritage Listed Rainforest, among the rolling, green hills of our Hinterlands, within the vineyards of our award-winning wineries, or right by the ocean. And then there’s the dining experiences that you’ll take once-in-a-lifetime, but remember forever. Here’s but a taste of the best. Updated November 2013. More >

Quintessential Queensland

What, exactly, encapsulates quintessential Queensland? Is it our 200-plus days of sunshine every year, or our laid-back lifestyle and friendly faces? In Brisbane, we like to think it’s all that and more, like our unique heritage-style buildings we like to call Queenslanders, in which we live, work, drink and relax. Here’s some of the top places you can explore to glean an essence of what it is to be a Queenslander. Updated November 2013. More >

Unforgettable marine species in Queensland

Ok, ok, we get it. You want to come to Queensland to find Nemo. Who doesn’t? But long before this lovable clownfish and his fabulously forgetful girlfriend Dory splashed onto the Big Screen, there were plenty of other marine species in our colourful state worth getting your feet wet for. Updated November 2013. More >

Bird watching in Queensland

When we say twitter in Queensland, we don’t mean hiding behind modern technology penning 140 characters, every one a gem. No, we mean getting yourself out in the great outdoors and feeling an overwhelming itch to twitch. Yes, we’re talking about the best birdwatching spots this state has to offer. Updated November 2013. More >

Queensland fashion labels

Step aside Melbourne with your funky fashionistas. There’s a new kid on the catwalk and it’s called Queensland. That’s right. With a host of home-grown talent, Queensland is putting its best foot forward and stealing centre stage. Updated November 2013. More >

Islands you've never heard of

Of all the distinguishing traits of delectable Queensland, our islands are arguably top of the list when it comes to luxury. Sure, you’ve heard of Hayman, Hamilton, Heron and a few of the others, but did you know there’s a host of other hot spots you’ve probably never, ever considered? Updated November 2013. More >

Best wreck dives

When we say you can get wrecked in Queensland, boy do we mean it. This is the home of some of Australia’s most interesting dive sites based around some of the greatest shipwrecks in history. Take a deep breath, and enjoy as we dive deeper into this fascinating underwater world. More >

National Parks in Southern Queensland Country

Feel like taking a bit of a wander? Well, Southern Queensland Country is flush with National Parks that will take your breath away and knock your socks off. Updated June 2013. More >

Quirkiest Events in Southern Queensland Country

From rolling pumpkins down a steep hill to smashing water melons with your noggin, Southern Queensland Country could be accused of holding some of the quirkiest events on the planet. Updated June 2013. More >

Short walks in Southern Queensland Country

Sure Queensland is a vast state, a diverse destination and if you were to walk its length, you’d wear out more than a few pairs of shoes. But break down this beauty into bite-size chunks and there’s some sensational short walks to discover. Updated June 2013. More >

Country towns with quirky names

Queensland is well known for its quirky place names, many of them originating from local Indigenous dialects. Wrap your tongue around some of our fabulous offerings in Southern Queensland Country. Updated June 2013. More >

Best fishing spots in Southern Queensland Country

There's never been a better time to go fishing in Southern Queensland Country. The dams are full, the rivers are running and the fish are jumping. Updated June 2013. More >

Best handmade markets in Southern Queensland Country

What's a trip to the country without taking the time to potter around a hand made market? Thankfully, Southern Queensland Country has plenty of these from which to choose. Amble, shop, enjoy. Updated June 2013. More >

Country Pubs

Take me home, country road. And while you’re at it, let’s stop at a quintessential Queensland country pub. We’re talking yawning verandas, larrikins telling tall stories, plus humour, history and some amazingly fantastic fresh produce. Updated June 2013. More >

Most scenic drives in Southern Queensland Country

Sure, a classy convertible with the roof down, the sun on your face and the wind in your hair would enhance the experience, but you don’t need to own a flash set of wheels to enjoy a drive through Southern Queensland Country. Updated June 2013. More >

Best local produce in Southern Queensland Country

Southern Queensland Country serves up plenty of local ingredients if you need a fix of local, organically home grown produce. Updated June 2013. More >

Indulgence in Southern Queensland Country

When we talk about indulgence in Southern Queensland Country we don’t mean over-the-top massive resorts. We mean indulgence in the true sense. Accommodation with class, charm and character. Restaurants re-inventing innovation. Updated June 2013. More >

Best beef in Brisbane

Got a beef with Brisbane? We didn't think so. Read on for our guide to Brisbane's best beef and burgers. Updated March 2013. Updated March 2013 More >

Best of Brisbane's nightlife

Do you love the nightlife? From the city which gave the world the Bee Gees, we know a dance move or two. Strap on your dance shoes for 7 experiences you won’t forget. Updated March 2013. More >

For the foodie

Even the most fastidious of foodies will be asking for second helpings of Brisbane. So what’s our secret recipe? Here’s ten of Brisbane’s best restaurants. Updated March 2013. More >

Sports mad in Queensland

Queensland's calendar is packed with sporting events in 2013. Here’s some of the highlights during May, June and July. Updated March 2013. More >

Bay Islands close to Brisbane

Welcome to Australia, the world’s largest island nation. If you want to explore one of our many islands but are short on time, check out these islands just off of Brisbane. Updated March 2013. More >

10 top beer stops

Ever since Captain Cook set off from England in 1768 with a brewery on board the Endeavour, Australians have had a healthy appetite for a good home brew. With plenty of craft brewers taking up the challenge to create something new for Australian beer lovers, there’s sure to be a premium beer waiting for you in Queensland. Updated March 2013. More >

Go wild in Queensland

From animals to adventure, there's plenty of reason to go a little wild on your Queensland holiday. Updated March 2013. More >

Queensland's award-winning restaurants

Not just a great dining experience, these Queensland restaurants have also achieved critical acclaim from those who make it their business to judge the best. Updated March 2013. More >

A taste of the UK in Brisbane

Got a hankering for hearty roasts, fish and chips and bangers and mash? Then meet Queensland's Brit Pack who serve up a taste of the UK. Updated March 2013. More >

Best of the Brisbane Bayside

Brisbane is not just all about the cool capital city. Discover our bayside bliss, all within half an hour of our city. Updated March 2013. More >

Top 5 Irish pubs in Brisbane

Brisbane has plenty of Irish pubs from which to choose if you need an urgent fix of Kilkenny or a decent Guinness Pie. Updated March 2013. More >

A girl's guide to Brisbane

Brisbane is not just for the boys. From champagne and chocolate, to shopping and spas, get the girls together and discover Brisbane in style. Updated March 2013. More >

Brisbane on a budget

Brisbane prides itself on being affable and accessible to everyone, so go on, grab this list, slip on your walking shoes, and discover 20 things you can do for under $20. Updated March 2013. More >

A gentleman's guide to Brisbane

We offer the ultimate gentleman’s guide to Brisbane. Updated March 2013. More >

I'll drink to that

It’s no secret Aussies love a drink. And in Brisbane, where the weather is warm and the culture is uber cool, there’s plenty of hot spots at which to relax and unwind. Updated March 2013. More >

How to sound like a Queensland local

You’ve arrived in Queensland, you’ve unpacked your luggage but there’s just one slight problem. You can only understand half of what the locals are saying to you. Here's our Queensland dictionary. Updated March 2013. More >

Quintessential Queensland

What, exactly, encapsulates quintessential Queensland? Is it our 200-plus days of sunshine every year, or our laid-back lifestyle and friendly faces? Here’s some of the top places you can explore to glean an essence of what it is to be a Queenslander. Updated March 2013. More >

Horsing around

From our early stockmen to Cobb & Co and beyond, horses have written themselves as crucial characters into Queensland's story book. Updated February 2013. More >

Island camping

With more than 100 habitable islands, we offer you the best of Queensland’s island camping from everything for those on a budget to those seeking a little luxury. Updated February 2013. More >

Kids clubs in Queensland

Keep the little ones entertained at one of these fun, educational and adventurous kids clubs around Queensland. Updated February 2013. More >

Markets in Queensland

Showcasing the state’s freshest produce, award-winning wines, brash young designers, and authentic arts and crafts, you’re bound to find something to suit your taste at these Queensland markets. Updated February 2013 More >

Exploring Queensland by train

Find out the best ways to see Queensland by train. Updated February 2013. More >

Queensland's best tree houses

Make like Tarzan and Jane and vine swing into one of these tree top accommodation options. Updated February 2013. More >

Queensland by 4WD

You want rough and rugged? An adventure to far-flung places? Stick with us, as we reveal eight of our best four-wheel drive destinations. Updated February 2013. More >

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