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Current Reports

Fraser Coast Regional Snapshot 
This snapshot includes the number of Australian and international visitors to Fraser Coast and highline trip details (why they came, where they came from, what they spent) and also includes changes over time, drivers of these changes and insights into trends.

Fraser Coast Regional Snapshot Year ended September 2013

Fraser Coast Regional Snapshot Year ended June 2013

Fraser Coast residents have their say on tourism
When tourism development is in line with the aspirations of the local community it provides for a more authentic tourist experience and also attracts stronger community support.  A survey was conducted with Fraser Coast residents to determine their perceptions of tourism's positive and negative impacts.

Fact sheet - Fraser Coast Social Indicators 2013

For more information on how tourism can provide social benefits for the community, click here.

Operator uptake of environmental adaption initiatives
In 2010 benchmark research was conducted with Fraser Coast tourism operators to help measure and manage the impact of tourism on the environment.  Includes details of Fraser Coast tourism operator uptake of energy, water and waste management initiatives.
Fraser Coast Tourism Operators Environmental Benchmark 2010

For more information on operator uptake of environmental adaption initiatives, click on Tourism Operators Environmental Benchmark 2010 .

Understanding the Connector market
Connectors have been identified as Tourism and Events Queensland's key intrastate target market. In 2009, research was conducted to provide a greater understanding of Connectors knowledge and perceptions of Queensland regional destinations as well as to see how the experiences available in these regions fit with Connectors' ideal domestic holiday experience.
Factsheet - Understanding how Fraser Coast fits with Connectors' ideal domestic holiday

Click here for more information on Connectors.

Archive Reports

Effects of improved aviation process to Fraser Coast
Following the Hervey Bay airport upgrade and the introduction of direct interstate jet services into Hervey Bay in July 2005, this research project was conducted to examine the destination's needs and the profiles of Fraser Coast visitors. The information in this project was collected to identify market strengths, determine areas for development and issues that may need further action, as identified by visitors. Produced by Tourism Research Australia.
Effects of improved aviation access to Fraser Coast March 2009

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