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Active Explorers

The Active Explorers segment makes up 11 percent of the market - that's around 1.65 million Australians.

They want to be challenged by a holiday and love to explore and take part in adventure activities such as bushwalking, sailing, scuba diving, horseriding and surfing.

For Active Explorers, holidays are all about pushing their own personal boundaries and feeling alive.

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Fact Sheet - Active Explorers

Active Explorers:
what they look for in an ideal holiday

• not bound to a particular type of accommodation
• segment most open to staying in backpacker hostels, eco-lodge resorts or camping grounds
• may stay with friends and relatives in a luxury hotel/resort or standard motel
• just needs to be clean and comfortable

Getting around
• likely to drive, but will sometimes take a caravan
• may fly, yet prefer to avoid airports
• of all segments, most likely to visit multiple locations during a holiday
• unlikely to go on daytrips

• not looking for quality dining options
• prefer accessible food - so local pub and club food is fine
• venue isn't so important, the chance to experience different tastes is what it’s all about

Social interaction
• enjoy meeting and mixing with others
• mostly travel with their partners, but travel with family is an option

Holiday patterns
• more likely than other segments to think limited holiday time restricts the distance that can be travelled
• enjoy weekend breaks
• will take the opportunity to build holidays around sporting or other events

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