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Visitor information centres (VICs) play an important role in Queensland's tourism industry.  Centres make a significant economic contribution to tourism, particularly in regional areas, by providing information to visitors that encourages them to stay longer, spend more money, experience more attractions and revisit a region. Visitor information centres also create significant social benefits, as many rely heavily on a volunteer workforce and operate as an important community facility.

In recent years there has been increased recognition of the role of visitor information centres and their importance in providing high quality tourist information.


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Queensland Visitor Information Centre Signage Policy

To raise the standard of information provision and acknowledge genuine visitor information providers, accreditation programs or policies have been developed across Australia and a yellow on blue italicised 'i' symbol has been trademarked to distinguish visitor information providers who achieve these standards.

After extensive consultation with industry and government, Tourism and Events Queensland has developed the Queensland Visitor Information Centre Signage policy. The policy was officially launched on the 18th of April 2000. Only those visitor information centres that meet the eligibility criteria and standards of the policy are authorised to use the italicised 'i' symbol. The branding assures visitors of high quality information and professional standards from these centres.

To ensure that the policy continues to provide a high standard and is keeping up with visitor needs, the policy criteria were reviewed in 2013. The review and update was undertaken collaboratively with the support of the Queensland Information Centres Association (QICA).

The Queensland Visitor Information Centre Signage policy outlines the conditions and requirements necessary to achieve use of the 'i' symbol.

Download the Queensland VIC Signage Policy.

Queensland Visitor Information Centre Locations 

View a list of accredited Queensland Visitor Information Centres showing their locations.

Queensland Visitor Information Centre Discussion Paper

Tourism & Events Queensland have developed the Queensland Accredited Visitor Information Centre Discussion Paper to explore the issues and opportunities facing the VIC network in Queensland. The paper also reflects on the current and future directions of visitor information centres. The Visitor Information Centre Directions Paper is also being developed and will be presented in March.

Queensland Visitor Information Centre News

Tourism and Events Queensland produces a monthly newsletter, 'VIC Network Update' for the visitor information centre network. Click here for the latest edition of the VIC Network newsletter.

Eligibility, Criteria and Application Form

Regional tourism organisation and local government authority operated or funded (partly or fully) visitor information centres are eligible to apply for the use of the 'i' symbol under the Queensland Visitor Information Centre Signage policy. Centres that do not currently meet this eligibility please refer to the Queensland VIC Signage policy document.

This ensures that only those centres whose primary purpose of business is information provision, and who are genuine providers of objective visitor information, are acknowledged by the new symbol. In addition, eligible centres must satisfy minimum operational standards should they wish to apply for use of the symbol. The standards include specific criteria in the areas of:

  • business and management
  • business hours
  • centre facilities
  • staff and training
  • networking
  • information and displays; and
  • signage and identification.

Download the VIC Signage Policy Application Form.

Want to know more?

For further information on this initiative contact the VIC Secretariat:

Visit Queensland p/l
Melanie Sands - Administration  
Phone: 0459 992 030

Policy Resources

Tourism and Events Queensland has produced a Resource Kit that provides visitor information centres with information to assist them to achieve, maintain, and where possible exceed, the policy standards.

The Resource Kit contains valuable information to assist in establishing, operating and successfully running a visitor information centre in line with the policy standards. The Kit is detailed into two parts Primary Information and Supporting Information including:

Primary Information:

  • Business Plan - Guidelines
  • Marketing and Public Relations - Guidelines
  • Operations Manual - Guidelines
  • Staff Induction, Training and Professional Development
  • Customer Service
  • Collection of Visitor Data
  • Temporary and Mobile Visitor Information Booths

Supporting Information:

  • Funding, Assistance and Information Sources
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Insurance
  • Resources
  • Templates to assist
  • Appendices

Download the VIC Signage Policy Resource Kit

VIC Case Studies

Eleven case studies of Accredited Visitor Information Centres have been developed to profile the valuable contribution that VICs make to the tourism industry and local communities. Focussed on economic benefits, crisis management and the uses of digital technologies, these case studies are a great resource for VIC managers, volunteers, industry and local government partners.

To read these insightful case studies, please click here.

Promotion of the VIC Networks

Accredited Visitor Information Centres are promoted to consumers through a variety of publications and websites that are operated by bodies such as Regional Tourism Organisations, Local Government, Local Tourism Organisations, government departments such as Main Roads, RACQ and Tourism and Events Queensland.

Visitor Data

The updated version of the Visitor Data template is now available, featuring tabs for 2013 through to 2017.  This template enables VICs to record their daily visitation numbers.

Download the Visitor Data Template


Feedback about Accredited VICs

Tourism and Events Queensland welcomes your feedback regarding any of the Queensland Accredited VICs, both positive and negative.  Commending and congratulating VICs for positive feedback and handling negative feedback about a VIC is part of the developmental process ito ensure that the Queensland accredited VICs operate to the high standard of the Signage Policy.  All feedback should be directed to:

VIC Secretariat
Visit Queensland p/l
Melanie Sands - Administration  
Phone: 0459 992 030

If you would like to lodge a complaint about a particular VIC, please note:

  • the purpose of the complaints process is to determine if a VIC is in breach of the accreditation criteria
  • all complaints need to be written and submitted to the VIC Secretariat outlining the VIC in question and detailing what the concerns are
  • the VIC Secretariat will investigate the complaint and may ask the VIC in question to respond in writing.  If the VIC is found to be in breach of the criteria the Secretariat will request that the breach is rectified and will monitor the situation
  • the VIC Secretariat will communicate the outcome to the complainant, in writing
  • the more serious or unresolved breaches of the accreditation policy will be escalated to the QLD VIC Signage Committee for review. The VIC in question will have the opportunity to present to the Committee
  • the VIC Secretariat will report the final outcome to the complainant
  • the complainant may choose to remain anonymous

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