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What is Tourism?

Tourism is a service-based industry comprising a number of tangible and intangible components. The tangible elements include transport, foods and beverages, tours, souvenirs and accommodation, while the intangible elements involve adventure, ecotourism, education, culture, escape and relaxation.

Tourism provides many benefits and helps to generate community support and involvement. It is a many layered, complex and diverse service industry made up of a wide variety of stakeholders who must work together to service the wants and needs of visitors.

Queensland: Tourism Facts

A one-page synopsis of Queensland's tourism industry including what tourism is worth to the State's economy, tourism's employment generating potential, and an overview of Australian and international visitors to the State. Click here for the Tourism Facts and Figures snapshot.

Why Tourism?

  • Queensland tourism is an expanding industry providing excellent business opportunities.
  • Tourism creates many job opportunities, particularly for young people (enabling them to stay in their local community) and for mature workers returning to the workforce.

Is the Tourism Industry for you?

Specific skills and abilities are needed to run a successful tourism business. These include:

  • Ability to work with people even under stress
  • Capacity to work long and unusual hours
  • Industry experience required and/or the willingness to undertake training
  • Ability to relate to people from different social and cultural backgrounds
  • Willingness to accept people with different values and beliefs to yourself
  • Sensitivity to meet and understand the needs of groups and individuals
  • Ability to solve problems quickly
  • Ability to keep cool under pressure
  • Total support of your spouse, family and others involved in or affected by the business
  • Fitness and stamina to keep your business running
  • Public relations and sales skills to promote your business.

Running a business requires many different skills including managerial, financial and marketing skills, as well as the technical. Your knowledge of these skills can affect the viability and success of the business. It is important to analyse your skills and abilities before starting a business. This will ensure you possess both the capabilities and knowledge required in operating and growing your own business.

Getting involved in Queensland's tourism industry... read more here.


Who's Who

The tourism business system is built around a core base of industry operators:

Federal Level: Commonwealth government agencies either directly or indirectly support the growth and development of the tourism industry.

State Level: Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) is the Queensland Government's lead marketing, experience development and major events agency, representing the state's tourism and events industries

Regional Level: 13 Regional tourism organisations (RTOs) play a key role in coordinating the efforts of industry, local government and the community.

Local Level: Local tourism organisations (LTOs) and local governments are responsible for promoting their local area and driving or participating in local tourism development initiatives.

Visitors and residents, whose support is essential for the tourism industry to function, underpin the whole system.

There are a number of organisations involved in the planning, development and coordination of tourism in Queensland, each with complementary roles and responsibilities.

For contact details on a range of organisations within these different levels - refer to the Industry Directory.

Where to from here?

Now you are starting to gain a better understanding of the tourism industry and its major stakeholders you can continue on learning how to Grow Your Tourism Business or better utilise the information available on the destinations in Queensland in our Destinations section.

For information and services available to support Queensland businesses, wether starting up or existing businesses click here.


Are you ready checklist? - A checklist of key considerations and steps you should complete to successfully start and run your business.

7 Steps to successful business - an electronic document the covers the same information as the Business Readiness Diagnostic.

Think, Plan, Grow - is a business planning tool designed to assist businesses develop a business plan and monitor business performance. It is interactive and key elements of the documents, spreadsheets and presentation have been linked. It contains a sample plan, template, guide, financial spreadsheets, business monitoring tool and powerpoint presentation.

The Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games publishes Business Start-up Essential Guide. Read the General business start-up essentials guide that applies to all new Queensland businesses, then download a specific guide for your industry.

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