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Visitors are seeking experiences more so than specific products and services when they visit destinations. This requires the seamless provision of a coordinated range of products and services that collectively offer particular experiences desired by visitors.

The definition of packaging is the combining of two or more facilities/services/attractions as a single unit for sale to visitors to an area. The overall aim of any packaging is to produce an integrated, interesting product to encourage visitors to increase their stay within the region.

Working together with other tourism operators to provide packages also helps you to achieve economies of scale in relation to marketing costs and provides further opportunities to raise the profile of your tourism business. Not only does each individual operator benefit by such arrangements, but the region in general benefits by greater visitor numbers and increased expenditure.

In turn visitors benefit from new, innovative and interesting experiences reflecting a particular region's attributes.

Tourism and Events Queensland encourages operators to work cooperatively in order to compete in a global market. By utilising support agencies such as Tourism and Events Queensland, tourism operators can become more competitive from a global market perspective.

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