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Getting Online

The Internet has become one of the most significant communication tools for businesses and individuals all over the world. Users turn to the Internet to search for information and interact with other users such as friends, peers and communities.

The increased accessibility of markets and speed of communication facilitated by the Internet is a double-edged sword. Tourism industry suppliers and operators need to be increasingly flexible and responsible to changing consumer needs, trends and preferences.

Why Should I be Online?

The Internet is the quickest and cheapest way of reaching potential travellers anywhere in the world. It will allow you to be connected with your customers, suppliers, partners and competitors to access an enormous amount of information.

The Internet provides new ways for you to deliver the information and services to customers and suppliers, with the benefits including:
  • more effective marketing and the identification and development of new markets;
  • improved customer service and relations;
  • cost savings in communications, accounting, banking, financial
  • management and purchasing; and
  • efficiencies in linking 'back office' systems with external requirements etc.

Owners of Hidden Valley Cabins express the positive affect the Internet has had on increasing the number and frequency of visitors to their business. By creating a mechanism by which visitors can book online, Hidden Valley Cabins were able to increase the number of both for domestic and international visitors.

Video - Part 12 - Online booking Part 12 - Online booking


Starting Your Online Presence

As a tourism operator it is essential that you consider what the Internet can do for you and your business, as well as the possible consequences to your business development if you do not take advantage of the Internet and its services.

The following issues need to be taken into account:

  • Your future communication needs
  • Your business' growth expectations
  • How you will conduct business in the future and with whom
  • How much value Internet connection will add to your competitiveness
  • The level of customer service you wish to deliver
  • Staff training and motivation to embrace the changes required

It is important to consider when you're thinking about going online, the commitment of management and staff to dealing positively with the change. Success on the Internet requires rethinking how business is done, communicating with customers to staff training and motivation, and to how different sections of the organisation work together.

Improving Your Online Presence

Get smarter about e-marketing knowledge through step-by-step lessons. The Tourism E-kit is a complete suite of tutorials that covers everything from the basics of developing a good web site to the more complex issues of Google ad words, search engine marketing and online product distribution.

If you don't have an online presence for your business or have one that is not performing to your or your customer's expectations, these tutorials are for you.



Modules delivered under Tourism and Events Queensland's Digital Ready Program can also be accessed via PDF or video format.

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