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Distribution is making sure that your product or service information reaches the visitor. There are three distinct groups that you can work with to distribute your product or service:

  • consumers
  • trade including travel agents, wholesalers
  • other industry and sector associations or professionals including RTOs, VICs, media, industry suppliers

From these three groups there are many different types of distribution channels available:

  • Cooperative marketing initiatives (see marketing sections within specific destinations)
  • Regional tourism brochures or travel planners
  • Visitor Information Centres
  • Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
  • Online - regional websites, online booking systems
  • Direct to the consumer - via brochure or website
  • Retailers, travel agents or booking agents
  • Wholesalers

Visitor Information Centres

There has been increased recognition of the role of visitor information centres and their importance in providing high quality tourist information.

In Queensland, accredited visitor information centres provide, local, regional and state wide information to visitors. They are recognisable by the italicised yellow on blue ‘i’ sign. Visitor Information Centres that are accredited in Queensland provide a high quality level of service and facilities.

To find out where accredited visitor information centres are located in Queensland visit the consumer website,

Online distribution

Traditional and emerging online distribution channels are converging.

Technology is rapidly evolving and is one of the most significant factors affecting the tourism sector. Emerging online technologies can effectively facilitate information flows and transactions, and improve efficiencies within the tourism distribution chain.

Travellers look for information before going on a trip to help them plan and choose between options. They also need more information during their trip as the trend towards more independent travel increases.

The use of employing Internet distribution channels is one way to meet these needs. Some of these include:

  • Online booking systems
  • Online travel planners
  • State and regional websites
  • Search engines such as Yahoo and ninemsn travel services


For further information about how to begin using these distribution channels or to improve how you are currently using these channels access the Tourism E-kit. It guides users through a number of online tutorials covering a range of topics including successfully promoting products online.

If you don’t have an online presence for your business, or you think it could be improved these tutorials are for you.


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