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How do I get a "Book Now" button?

Follow these easy steps and get your website bookable! 

1. Assess your website

Complete the quick website health check in Tourism e-kit Tutorial 2.  Don’t miss the ‘bookability’ section on page three. 

2. Background reading

Read through Tourism e-kit Tutorial 34 - 101 of Online Booking Systems and Tourism e-kit Tutorial 35 - The difference between Online Booking Systems to get up to speed on all things online booking!    

3. Understand yield management, click here to learn more.

4. Online merchant facilities

It’s important to set up your merchant facilities or payment gateway. Just like an EFTPOS facility, online transactions require a merchant ID in order to know where to send the funds. The two main options are:

  • Online merchant ID – Contact you bank to discuss fees and options
  • Third party facilities – such as PayPal, PayMate, 2Checkout and IBill 

5. Select your Online Booking System

Contact one of our Digital Coaches on 3535 5800 or email to chat through the Online Booking Systems relevant to your business.  Once you have a couple of options that suit, we recommend contacting the Online Booking Providers directly to chat about costs and the nitty gritty.

Don’t forget to ask about whether the Online Booking System you have in mind is linked with the Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA). 

6. Get the “Book Now” button on your website!

Once you have selected the Online Booking System and have an agreement in place with the vendor, it’s important to consider where the “Book Now” button will live on your website. The home page and product pages are critical.

Now you have decided where the “Book Now” button will sit within your website, it's time to consider-

  • How will you get the button on your site?
  • Do you have a content management system (CMS) or do you usually update your website through a web provider or digital agency?
  • Ask if your Online Booking System Provider will be able to help you with this essential task.

If you need a hand with any of these steps, contact one of our friendly Digital Coaches and call 3535 5800 or email

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