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New ATDW Member

How do I get on board?


  1. Click the button to the right to register your business with ATDW.
  2. Once your registration has been approved you can create and pay for your listing online via a user friendly system called myATDW.
  3. With myATDW you can log in at anytime throughout the year to review and update your online listing to ensure the most current and accurate information is displaying

User Guides are available to guide you through the process of creating a listing, otherwise please feel free to contact the Tourism and Events Queensland ATDW team via or call 1800 629 749.

To be included in the ATDW, your tourism business must provide a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist and operate within ONE of the following categories:

  • Accommodation
  • Attraction
  • Restaurant
  • Events
  • Tour
  • Hire
  • Transport
  • General Services

Keep in mind that it can take between 30 minutes to one hour to create an ATDW listing. If you run out of time, you can save the changes and return to finalise your business' details at a later point in time. 

What's in it for me?

      1. Distribute your tourism business on up to 60 websites.
      2. ATDW automatically updates the distributor websites on your behalf.
      3. Maintain your own listing online and update at any time.
      4. Participate in Tourism and Events Queensland’s online and cooperative advertising campaigns.
      5. Inclusion in the Queensland Holidays iPhone Application.
      6. Access to the Tourism Exchange Australia inclusive booking platform which transfers ATDW product listings into a "bookable" product.
      7. ATDW monthly Website Performance Reports showing top page views, keywords and the most popular distributor websites. These are available now once you log in to myATDW.
      8. Subscription to the ATDW on Q eNews.

          How the ATDW works for you - it's this simple!

          ATDW Workflow

          How much does it cost?

          The ATDW subscription year runs from the 1 July to 30 June each year. 

          The annual subscription fee for 2012/2013 is $150 if you are a member of one or more of the following organisations:
          - Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO)
          - Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)
          - QTIC Association Council 
          - Local Tourism Organisations (LTO) affiliated with an RTO and/or 
          - TQUAL accreditation

          To view the full list of affiliated organisations click here. Otherwise the cost to join and renew your subscription each year is $200.

          When you log in to myATDW you can pay for your listing via credit card or BPAY.

          Please note there is NO COST to list an event in the ATDW.  

          Once you log in and click on the button to create a new listing the cost will be outlined for all categories within ATDW. Even though it states that there is a subscription fee for all categories within ATDW (Accommodation, Attraction, Tour, Hire and Transport) Events remain free to list. An event operator will not be prompted for payment.

          What is myATDW?

          myATDW is a user friendly, time saving, online tool that allows you to review, update or add your own listing in the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). At renewal time you will also be able to pay online to renew your listing via credit card and BPAY (please note events are free to list).

          You can access your own myATDW listing at any time to ensure your listing displays the most current and accurate information. A new listing and any changes will go through a Quality Assurance process to ensure all content quality standards are met before the listing is released live.

          You can measure the return on investment of your ATDW subscription and track how your listing is performing through your business' monthly ATDW Website Performance Reports. These reports can be accessed through your myATDW account along with other useful links.

          Items to have ready

          To make the process of creating your ATDW listing faster, we recommend having the following items on hand before you begin: 

          • Description of your business or event - Approximately 150 words
          • Images of your business or event - Minimum of one image.  Note: text or logos on the images are not permitted
          • Pricing information - Know your indicative rates/entry cost
          • YouTube channel name
          • Link to your business/event’s Facebook page
          • If you are listing an event, have the venue details of where the event will be held  

          User Guides

          Tourism and Events Queensland have developed User Guides to help new and existing users of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse to create and maintain their listings via the new myATDW system.  

          Terms and Conditions

          To view the ATDW Terms and Conditions click here.

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